Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special Thank You

Since the beginning of 2009, Muraviovka Park has been blessed with contributions of both time and money from various individuals and organizations that help keep the park going. If it was not for the dedication, generosity, and passion of these people and organizations - the park would seize to exist. With that said, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the people and organizations that have helped the park this year and let them know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed and that they are greatly appreciated.

For their gifts of time, energy, and ideas, we would like to recognize:

Tatyana Kholkina
Elena Kanigina
Elena Korcherga
Elena Kuhorenko
Yura Shpak
Igor Ischenko
Svetlana Ischenko
Natalia Vronskaya
Sergei Gutsan
Nikolai Demidenko

For personal monetary donations:

Eliza Close
Nina Krarechenko
Albina Voropaera

For assistance with our captive animals:

Veterinarian Department of Far Eastern Agricultural University

For guidance with our meteorological station and equipment:

Svetlana Kazachinskays
Olga Efimora

For assistance with the purchase of new farm equipment:
Amur Region Ministry of Agriculture
Legislative Assembly of Amur Region

For administrative assistance:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For financial support:

Pro Natura Foundation-Japan

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan

Pop-Group Corporation, Japan

Trust for Mutual Understanding

Wallace Genetic Foundation, USA

Chicago Zoological Society

Woodland Park Zoo, USA

Wildlife World Zoo, USA
Association of American Zookeepers, Arizona Chapter, USA

The Wagner Foundation

The Friends of Muraviovka Park including the Korean Branch

George Archibald and the International Crane Foundation

If any readers would like to also contribute to Muraviovka Park and help with its conservation initiative, please contact Elena Smirenski at!!!

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