Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trip to Zeasky Reserve

The Russian Far East is an enormously diverse region where the landscape can vary from broad open spaces like those found at Muraviovka Park to high mountain boreal forests. As an education center, Muraviovka Park strives to provide opportunities that give the public a chance to visit and learn about these diverse ecosystems. In mid-August, the director of Muraviovka Park, Marina, and myself visited the zeasky nature reserve in the north of the Amur Region to look at creating an educational partnership for next summer. This reserve is vastly different from that of Muraviovka Park – it is a mountainous taiga forest, containing many rivers and streams. Within its boundaries are a plethora of animal species such as moose, musk deer, and brown bears. The purpose of the trip was to scout out the facilities, get an understanding of the ecosystem, and to meet with the local scientists and staff of the reserve. We spent several days on a boat within the reservoir with several scientists and then several days in the mountains. The visit was a success and we are now in the planning process of next year’s summer camp… Below are some photos from the trip:

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