Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wildlife Disease Workshop

During 26-31 of October, Muraviovka Park initiated and hosted an International Workshop on Wildlife Disease Issues of the Amur Region. The goal of this workshop was to discuss disease threats to wildlife in the region, create a dialog between those institutions that deal with wildlife diseases, and to develop a network that would study and combat these issues. We had participants from the Veterinarian University in Blagoveshensk, the Directorate of Wildlife Protection, the Moscow Zoo, the Okra Nature Reserve, Khinghansky Nature Reserve, Bolonsky Nature Reserve, and the International Crane Foundation. The Workshop was sponsored by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, In all there were over twenty participants.

The conference began with a day of labs and demonstrations given by ICF’s veterinarian Barry Hartup, to the students of the local Veterinarian University.

The following day, the conference began with several lectures at the University as well as a question/answer session involving the local media.

Days three and four, consisted of talks and discussions at Muraviovka Park.

The last day Barry Hartup performed a health check on the Parks captive birds. We used this opportunity to demonstrate techniques of handling and health protocols to the participants of the workshop.

The general consensus was that the conference was a success and we are already beginning to plan a follow-up meeting…..

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